We supply raw materials such as anthracite, bituminous coal, met coke, recarburizer, various ores & alloys.

We have an extensive and established network of suppliers, customers, finance houses and shipping companies and continuously research and develop new commodities.

Our services include:

Project Finance

We provide project finance for commodity projects with long-term projected potential and have partnered with various mines ensuring future growth through continuous financial and strategic support.

Logistics Optimization

We optimise our logistics solutions to obtain the best commodity prices for producers and timeous delivery to end users. This process is continuously monitored and quality approved in order to ensure transparency, consistency and comfort of supply.

Market Research

We provide both our suppliers and clients with relevant commodity market research information so they understand possible future challenges and can craft effective marketing strategies for individual products as a result.


By acting on an agency basis for international suppliers, we are able to apply a fresh and dynamic approach to a new era of physical commodity trading by remaining agile and dynamic while adapting to ever-changing markets and uncertain trading futures.


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