We have a passion for understanding various mineral resources and the markets where they can reach optimal value.

We respect how minerals are produced and maintain continuous quality control focusing on trade transparency for stakeholder peace of mind and fair pricing. Our streamlined processes help us find ways to continuously improve client efficiency.

Hislop Anderson Commodities have developed key markets for producers through offering inclusive services such as marketing and financial assistance, and have paved the way for junior Anthracite producers in South Africa to access to higher standard commodity trading insights and services.

We specialise in supply and trade in various grades of anthracite mainly from South Africa, Russia and the United States to global markets.

Anthracite is a clean burning carbon source used for energy, ferro alloy and steel production. Ferro Alloy producers use Anthracite as a low cost reductant in furnaces. Anthracite fines are mainly used in energy and steel production with high carbon and calorific value and low volatile content. Unlike thermal coal, Anthracite availability is limited to a few countries globally and demand for anthracite is estimated at approximately 200 million tons per annum.
Bituminous Coal
We focus on specific grades of coal mainly used by Ferro Alloy, Energy and cement industries.

Bituminous or thermal coal is mainly used in energy generation. Globally, approximately 8.5 Billion tons (as per 2019) is consumed. Except for power generation, coal is used in the cement, paper, steel, chemical, textile and sugar industries and competes against other sources of energy such as natural gas, petroleum, nuclear and renewables.
Met Coke
We supply, source and have access to Met Coke (Ferro alloy, Blast furnace and foundry grades) from various countries as per client-specific requirements.

Metallurgical Coke or Met Coke is a carbonaceous material produced through the heating of Coking Coal in a Coke Oven or Battery with the absence of oxygen. The end result has high carbon and low volatile content but is also noticeably stronger for use in pig iron and steel industries. China is the world biggest producer of Met coke producing over 430 million tons per annum.
We source, produce and supply Recarburiser as a carbon additive to the steel industries.

Recarburiser is used to adjust the carbon content of the steel before casting whilst it is still in its liquid form during production. Recarburiser is mainly used in the Electric Arc and also Basic Oxygen furnaces with global demand projected to increase to approximately 1 million tons per annum.
Chrome Ore
Chrome ore is mainly used in the production of Ferrochrome which is used to introduce Chromium to steel and alloys thereby assisting with anti corrosion, abrasion, hardness properties and shine in stainless steel. South Africa is the biggest producer of Chrome Ore in the world.
Manganese Ore
Manganese ore is used in the production of manganese alloys for Steel production imparting metallurgical properties such as increased strength, hardness toughness and hardenability. South Africa and Australia are the largest producers of manganese ore globally and ore consumption is over 20 million tons per annum.
Iron Ore
Iron Ore is used in the production of iron and steel. Current global iron ore consumption is around 2 billion tons per annum with China being the biggest producer, user and importer of iron ore.
CNR – Carbon Neutral Reductants
Carbon Neutral reductants are reductants produced from organic products. Organic waste is put through a refining process that improves qualities but also creates energy that can be used in a closed circuit electricity co-generation process. This product offers end users an alternative to fossil fuel based products in the reduction process. Hislop Anderson Commodities is the first company in Southern Africa to successfully introduce the use of CNR in furnaces.
We trade in various ferroalloys such as Ferro Silicon, Ferrochrome, Ferromanganese and various speciality ferro alloy products. We source products from South Africa, China, India, Ukraine and Europe.
Carbon Neutral reductants
We have entered this brand new commodity market with a particular focus on rice, tea and edible oils.


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